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A Sting in the Tale

Rosa Colosimo Pty Ltd

Diane Lane is intelligent and ambitious. When she is elected to Parliament her idealism and commitment give her unpopular party a boost. Everyone, including the Prime Minister, is eager to share her limelight. Diane’s ambition is not satisfied with her new position. Diane’s married lover, Barry Robbins, the Minister for Health, is unaware of Diane’s ultimate plan. Her closest friend, Louise Parker, a political journalist, is a bit more realistic about what women can achieve; she too has a higher goal in mind.

While Barry is conspiring in an obvious fashion for the demise of the current Prime Minister, Diane is learning the rules governing power. Barry is eager to gain media-baron Roger Monroe’s support as Monroe can make it easy for anyone to gain office if they are willing to do his bidding. But for Diane the price is too high. Diane’s father had died with twenty others in a small-town mine disaster. The proprietor, Monroe, had used his ownership of the local media to stifle accusations of negligence. It was a lesson about freedom of the press that Diane never forgot.

Unaware that Monroe has been watching her closely, Diane uses a leaked document to embarrass the Government about its plans for media ownership. In an effort to control her, the Prime Minister offers her the Arts portfolio, which she accepts.
When Diane finds out that Monroe planted someone in her office to watch her, she decides it's time to act. With Louise’s help, Diane determines to bring Monroe down and become Australia's first woman Prime Minister.

Eugene Schlusser

Patrick Edgeworth

Will Spencer

Executive Producer
Rosa Colosimo
Nicholas Sherman
Zbigniew Friedrich

Allan Zavod
Production Design
Lisa Brennan

Costume Design
Anita Fioravanti

Makeup Department
Ann-Maree Hurley

Diane Craig
Gary Day
Lynne Williams
Edwin Hodgeman
Don Barker